La guía definitiva para renta de autos economicos en cancun mexico

This was not in the reservation I saw on Kayak, or at least not that I could see. I ended up cancelling the reservation and going a different route.

The worst was the unexpected pricing. I will be filing a dispute claim with Alamo today because of the excessive charges that built up throughout the rental process, resulting in over $525.00 for a 4 day rental of a small Jeep. Unacceptable.

Desventajas: they didn't approve the prepaid insurance that I paid. They force me to get their own insurance.. which was 3 times higher than the one I already paid.

Ventajas: No coercion to buy additional insurance. Payment with a US credit card covered all additional insurance required (tead the contract fine print for instructions). Worldmate (Car trawler) handle the reservation flawlessly.

They simply placed the $2500 hold on my card. The car ran fine and we had a great trip! We took lots of pictures when we picked the car up and had no problems with the drop off.

Ya les contaré cuando termine el viaje como termina mi experiencia con avis, que hasta el momento fue conveniente buena... Venia predispuesto a la pelea con tanto comentario que singular lee jajaja

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Devolver en otra oficina Por atención, indica la plazo de inicio del conductor ? Si tienes menos de 30 años o más de 70 necesitaremos tu aniversario de origen para poder mostrarte la selección más adecuada de vehículos.

Desventajas: We have rented cars several times at Cancun, so we know how the insurance cost works. You make your reservation and plan on paying roughly double merienda the liability insurance is added in. Always decline the collision insurance, read more since it is covered by our credit card. This was our third time renting from Europcar.

Desventajas: They gave us the wrong car and then charged the difference in fare upon return for their mistake.

When I declined to buy extra insurance (liability is included) they said that I have to leave a deposit $7000 USD, which is pretty much a cost of a new car.

Desventajas: They gave us the wrong car and then charged the difference in fare upon return for their mistake.

Nuestro servicio de atención al cliente está listo para ayudarle las 24 horas del día, todos los díFigura del año

Gracias a todos por sus comentarios! Lo cierto como conclusión es que no se puede fiarse en ninguna de las páginas tradicionales para traspasar auto. Aceptaré la recomendación de Avant que al parecer desde la reserva te dice exactamente cuanto es sin ningún tipo de enredo.

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